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Palm Beach Gardens AC Expert Palm Beach Gardens, FL 561-412-1206People may find their allergies getting worse. Employees at workplace may frequently fall sick. This may be due to the indoor air quality. We take it that HVACs are for controlling temperature, but in fact, one of its purposes is keeping tabs on indoor air quality. Indoor air quality has an impact on our physical conditions. Just by being inside a confined space, you will not be able to cut yourselves off from dust, mold spores, dirt, pollutants, and other such contaminants. Also, it is not possible to get the air purified magically by just keeping your AC working for recirculating the air. You need to take efforts to check indoor air quality as well! Approach Palm Beach Gardens AC Expert, the AC service experts in Palm Beach Gardens, FL region, through whom a large number of commercial and residential property owners have been enabled to breathe in contaminant-free and fresh air!

Health conscious people who want to ensure improved indoor air quality may do so by contacting us on 561-412-1206.

Improving Indoor air quality: 3-Stage Process

Phase 1: Assessment

Being called for indoor air quality improvement, it is common that several companies would recommend excessive measures that you don’t need at all. While the indoor air quality might be fine, the concerned technician will present the issue in a different way for extorting money. We differ here. By carrying out honest and complete evaluation and examining the air quality regarding pollution level, we choose to proceed with the task, only if we find it necessary.

Phase 2: HVAC unit cleaning

This happens to be the vital phase in your pursuit of contaminant-free, fresh air! The pollen, dust, and other possible allergens that accumulate over time in the ducts and vents may lead to pollution being recirculated in your residence. Contrary to normal belief that the air conditioner sends out old air while bringing fresh air in, it might be actually doing just the converse, in the event you have not organized proper cleaning. Our expert technicians can get the ducts cleaned of all particulate matter, eliminate microbes by making use of special cleansers, clean/change soiled air filters, and ensure that your air conditioner is spotless.

Phase 3: Installing additional equipment

You need to keep contaminants out using the appropriate equipment if you wish to get the air quality from ‘normal’ to ‘pure.’ Our experts, depending on the contamination level which requires eradication, will recommend the necessary equipment that you need to install. It may be a single one or more, ranging from filtration systems and full-area air purifiers to special UV lights which help kill the harmful microbes. Our policy is procuring products only from the best manufacturers so that durable freshness and impeccable air quality are assured in your premises. 

Get an estimate now!

Are you concerned about the pricing? There’s no need to worry, when it comes to Palm Beach Gardens AC Expert. Customer satisfaction and care for their well-being are our primary concerns. For achieving this, we see that a complete estimate is provided to clients upfront upon getting the assessment done. This will enable you to exactly know what you will be paying. You can be sure to get the best pricing in Palm Beach Gardens, FL region. Moreover, we never go in for unethical ways to make a few fast bucks; we only charge the right amount always.

Entrusting the maintenance of your indoor air quality to us will always breathe fresh air of impeccable quality. You may dial 561-412-1206 to reach us!