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In the modern world, everyone needs an air conditioner; this machine was once considered a luxury, but today, is has become a necessity in urban lifestyle. The fact that Palm Beach Gardens, FL area experiences very high temperatures during summer makes it essential to have an air conditioning system to face the heat. People have become used to the comfort of ACs and the market for these engineering marvels has been seen to have quadrupled during the past decades. Manufacturers have been improving upon their existing models and providing models that offer clients increased efficiency, better cooling, and improved longevity. With all these improvements and advances, new and powerful air conditioners, when installed improperly, may not live up to their claims. They may cause unexpected problems if you have not got them installed efficiently. Here, it is not the unit that causes the problem, but the way of installation that is the culprit!

This makes it imperative not to cut corners or compromise on hiring an air conditioner technician. One had better go in for a reputed air conditioner service company. You may dial 561-412-1206 for calling Palm Beach Gardens AC Expert to perform the function efficiently.

Is improper installation even possible?

Palm Beach Gardens AC Expert Palm Beach Gardens, FL 561-412-1206Not many of us are aware that improper or faulty installation of air conditioner is even possible. We tend to think that if the AC works, everything must be fine with the installation. In reality, it is not so. Installing an AC has several dimensions than how we perceive. By engaging an amateur or trying to get it installed on your own is not at all advisable. When an air conditioner is not installed properly, it is certain to create frequent operational issues, cause energy bills to be unreasonably high, and may not endure for its expected lifespan. Before checking the Internet or reading a manual in an attempt to self-install your AC, it is better to ask yourself sincerely whether you wish risking the investment for saving a small amount. If you don’t think the risk is justified, you may act smart and call for an expert from our company.    

How we carry out the installation process?

We have reached a niche among peers and competitors in the area in which being called by both commercial and residential clients is quite common; so if you are in need of calling us, you can rest assured about getting the best service. Our technicians follow a systematic approach for installing new air conditioners and this way we are able to deliver top-notch service all the time.

Step 1: Consultation

If you are planning to buy a new AC, but are unaware which brand would best serve your purpose, we can help! By analyzing your premises, we can suggest you the best one suiting to your needs.

Step 2: Assessment:

We make an examination of your premises, make sure proper insulation, identify the areas that need cooling, devise a ductwork layout if needed, and prepare a comprehensive plan of installation.

Step 3: Estimates:

We at Palm Beach Gardens AC Expert believe in transparency. When we understand the client’s requirement, we work out and quote our prices in an accurate manner without any hidden charges so that clients get to know exactly what they need to spend.

Step 4: The installation process

Upon getting your concurrence, we start installation process. After ductwork is laid out, we see ensure that the unit is mounted perfectly, provide insulation at the required places and install the AC in the proper manner.

Step 5: Aesthetics

Visual appeal is borne in mind by us during as well as after installing the AC. We ensure that drill holes or visible wiring does not spoil the aesthetics.

Step 6: Cross-checking

Our policy is ensuring that the unit works well after installation; so we don’t leave after the installation process, but stay back, check the unit’s performance and ensure its good functioning.

We install it all:

Our services related to new air conditioner installation in Palm Beach Gardens, FL region cover everything from installing a mini split air conditioner at your residence to a centralized modern HVAC system in your commercial premises. We meet clients’ diverse needs.

Looking for new AC installation service? Get it done perfectly by calling us on 561-412-1206!